“Your Hero”, cause everyone deserves one…

This song to me is a personal story, in which a negative situation held me from moving on in general. So at one point I realized that even though I didn’t have my own hero, I could be one for someone else.

“Don’t Go” embodies the pain we all go through, when we lose someone dear. This song takes us back to the moments we held our breath, the moments we realize that there actually is that void and empty feeling. It takes us back on the rollercoaster of emotions we go through whilst grieving loss. But it shows the raw emotion too, because however people may expect us to wear masks at that point, we don’t want to be strong. We want to keep it real, we need to make it real. Because in denial, there is no moving forward.

“Untold Story” is about the journey one takes in his/her life or career. We all start at that one fragile point where everything we see is either relatively new or unknown. A pivotal moment in time, cause in that particular moment we might not even know that the steps we are taking are in the right direction or could even guarantee us the destination one might be seeking.

Cello by Dave Eggar