Annette by Leos Carax


One of the lead singer of this song with Adam Driver, for the Sparks movie called Annette, alongside so many beautiful (talented) people. 

Cello Diaries

Music by Dave Eggar and his team
Idea and vocals by Metjoeww
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From Lies And Regrets

Music by Dekker Christopher
Vocals and Lyrics by Metjoeww

Wasted On You (Official fanvideo)


2:25 – Shower/Tattoo scene
2:54 – Belgian Beer & Piano
3:39 – Introducing Nala

The Game Is Over (fanvideo)

00:23 – Shower scene

100 Miles

Music by Dekker Christopher
Vocals and Lyrics by Metjoeww

Use My Voice (Official Fanvideo)

01:09 – ‘Love is love’ – Rainbow flag
01:24 – “I’m not okay”-mask

Legend Meets Mortal

Music by Chandelier Of Many Desires
Lyrics and vocals by Metjoeww


Do u think of me?

Music by Flight Lounge
Lyrics and vocals by Metjoeww

With You

This collab just came about organically. The song is about how you get to meet someone on holiday and you fall in love with hem/her/them instantly. However, as time proceeds, it comes clear that this love will not be more than just a summerlove as we slowly get drawn back into reality. Falling in and out of love..


Stronger is a collab between the Belgian artists Critiks Music and Metjoeww, telling a story of surviving a tough relation and getting out of it stronger than before. 

A cool and unique collab for Metjoeww where he starts with his signature soft vocals and towards the chorus lets out his upper range. Also his signature subtle layered harmonies and dynamic performance are yet again present in this new collaboration.